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February 28, 2023

hey there, I'm Allison


I use my blog to share about  my photography sessions, prepare my clients for their photography sessions, and share helpful resources for new parents.




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A Lifestyle newborn session allows families to remain in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home. They are the perfect setting for capturing your family where everyone is most comfortable and everything you could need is  just a reach away.

To prepare for your in home session you have to consider a couple of things, what to wear, what rooms provide the best natural light, and how to prepare your home. Let’s take a deep dive and look at what to wear for your in home newborn session.

Start with You!

First, I will say it again, and again…dress mom first, after all you are the one most invested in these images! I ALWAYS recommend a dress, long skirt, or flowy blouse with non-distressed jeans. Clothes with pretty movement add fun and elegance to your photos. A-line and wrap dresses look great on everyone. Dressing up, will make your photos more special. 

There are a few things for moms to avoid. Remember you will be looking back on these images for years to come, so I would avoid trendy items being the focal point of your outfit. Avoid tight fitting tops and clothing items that are above the knee.  You will be moving with your children, sitting on the floor, in chairs, even laying down. You will feel more at ease if you are not constantly having to adjust your clothes or be careful moving up and down with your children.

Color Scheme and Pattern Play

I recommend neutrals, soft pastels, and earth tones for your lifestyle newborn session. These colors compliment skin tones and go well with my style of photography. They look beautiful for indoor and outdoor settings and have the benefit of reflection light, and not color cast. If you are a person who loves pops of color, then by all means incorporate some into your outfit, jewel tones work great on camera.   Avoid bright pinks, oranges, black, and reds as they can reflect onto you and affect skin tones poorly.

Within the mentioned colors, solid and florals photograph beautifully.  Other smaller prints and patterns work well too. Please avoid really bold patterns or bold colors, as those can take the focus away from your children. 

Add interest to your outfit by choosing clothes with pretty details and textures. I love when clients accessorize with their favorite jewelry or use layers to enhance their outfit. This is true with children’s outfits too.

Your children

Your children do not need to match. I prefer when clients dress their children in outfits with similar color schemes and complimentary patterns. Also, children need to be comfortable. If they are wearing a new outfit or a more formal outfit for the photography session, let them wear it once to get used to the feel and texture of the clothing.  

For Your Baby

newborn during lifestyle newborn session

Newborns photograph best when wearing simple clothing. If your newborn is wearing a complicated or overly detailed outfit, it will draw the eye away from all the sweet details we want to capture. Simple, close fitting onesies are best, a simple diaper cover and swaddle are another great option. Simple and comfortable are always best for babies.

For the Guys

what to wear for lifestyle newborn session with Allison Krogness Photography

For men, let’s keep it simple. Causal pants, jeans, khakis, or chino style shorts (outdoor sessions) work well.  Button downs and causal shirts are perfect. Please avoid golf shirts with logos or graphics too noticeable. One pattern that needs to be avoided for men and boys are very thin striped shirts. This pattern can create an odd sheen that is noticeable to the camera.

Lifestyle newborn sessions allow you to share your family’s story through the setting of your home and the details of your clothing. Every part comes together to create a gallery that tells the story of you. With a few simple tips, creating your family’s wardrobe for your session is a simple way to ensure timeless images.

Here are just a few great options for outfit hunting. If you need more help, I’d love chatting clothes and style!

TARGET:  kids outfits

OLD NAVY:outfits for everyone

FREE PEOPLE: dresses for mom

AMAZON: dresses for moms and girls

BALTIC BORN: dresses for mom

BABIES ON THE BOULEVARD-childrens boutique

VICI:dresses for mom

ZARA: everyone

H &M: kids 

J. CREW: everyone

HALE HOUSE: dresses or tops for mom

REMIE GIRL: dresses for girls

NOTHING FITS BUT…: outfits for moms and infants

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hey there, I'm Allison


I use my blog to share about  my photography sessions, prepare my clients for their photography sessions, and share helpful resources for new parents.




helpful hints